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About Me

I am a father of three beautiful girls and a devoted partner.  I have struggled a lot in my life with behavior’s I wasn’t proud of, judgments I had about my self were toxic.  I struggled to try to fix myself for over 15 years but always seemed to make the same mistakes.  However enrolling in Psychotherapeutic counselling my life began to change.  I learned talking to people about what i struggled in life to fix helped me tremendously.  I could see things more clearly and from different perspectives that helped me work through my issues.  If your hungry enough for change than change will occur, I was hungry and ready so I told somebody my deepest fears and when I looked into the eyes of the counsellor all I saw was somebody who was not judging me, and too shared my desire for change that would help me in my life.

It would be a privilege if you would allow me to be that counsellor now, someone who will not judge you, but shares in your desires for change and for you to have a more for filing life.

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